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Ausgaben des Treasure Hunting Schatzsuchermagazines   4,80 EUR
Benets Artefacts Second Edition         35,00 EUR
Buttons and Fasteners          24,00 EUR
Celtic&Roman 24,00 EUR 
Saxon&Viking       24,00 EUR
Medieval      24,00 EUR
Buckles         24,00 EUR
Treasure Hoards          22,00 EUR
Detector Finds 1          19,00 EUR
Finds 2          19,00 EUR
Finds 3    19,00 EUR 
Finds 4                    20,00 EUR
Finds 5   24,00 EUR
Buckles 24,00 EUR
Roman Buckles and Military Fittings 34,00 EUR



A History of Roman Coinage in Britain by Sam Moorhead



A History of Roman Coinage in Britain by Sam Moorhead** NEW BOOK - Published October 2013 **

If you have a Roman coin that you want to identify look no further. If you want to delve deeper into the coin, emperor, or particular period the book is an excellent starting point for further and deeper research. With over 1600 colour photographs this is the only book on Roman Coins you will ever need!

Written by Sam Moorhead of the British Museum, this book provides a chronological overview of Roman coinage from the Republican period (300BC) to the early 5th century, with an emphasis on Roman coinage used in Britain. The text provides an introduction to the history of each period and then outlines the coinage (denominations, mints, contemporary copies etc.), using Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) and British Museum (BM) coins as illustrations. Throughout, indications are made of the numbers and distribution of particular Roman coin finds in Britain.

Over 800 coins are illustrated in over 1600 colour photographs showing both obverse and reverse for each coin. There are also over 30 distribution maps.    224 pages, A4 - ONLY £25 



British Artefacts Vol 3 - Late Saxon, Late Viking & Norman by Brett Hammond. **NEW**

British Artefacts Vol 3 - Late Saxon, Late Viking & Norman by Brett Hammond. **NEW**

**NEW** Published May 2013  

In this significant book, Brett Hammond builds on the success of the previous volumes, illustrating the social, military, economic and religious developments in the Late Saxon, Late Viking and Normanperiods with wellchosen artefacts of many types photographed to bring out their beauty and charm.

The author is a respected researcher in the field of AngloSaxon and Viking material culture, with more than a decade at the forefront of object identification and classification. His fascination with and passion for the subject comes through on every page.

British Artefacts is a new series of books covering finds made in the British Isles and their contexts, drawing on parallel Continental examples. The objects described and illustrated (in photographs and linedrawings) will represent the range of items in use, from the lowly pin or knife blade to the finest quality jewellery.

Volume 3 covers Late Saxon, Late Viking and Norman finds from circe 950-1150AD, comprehensively encompassing Mammen style, Winchester style, Ringerike style, Romanesque style and Urnes stule, with succinct one-line summaries telling you what to look for when seeking the characteristics of those art styles on your findds. No matter what a day's searching puts into your finds bag - plate brooches, zoomorphic brooches, penannualr brooches, annular brooches, buckles, belt fittings, strap ends, fasteners, tags, pins, pendants, rings, arm-rings, bracelets, swords, axes, spears, knives, daggers, scabbard fittings, maces, helmets, armour, stirrup mounts, stirrups, spurs, gaming pieces, weights, seal matrices or lead seals - you will find much about them in the pages of this remarkable book.

Packed with images of metallic and non-metallic finds, superb maps, a comprehensive survey of manufacturing techniques, a potted history of these turbulent centuries, the glossary and the extensive bibliography, all of which add value to British Artefacts Volume 3 and demonstrate what a truly magnificent book this is.




Artefacts Series by Nigel Mills

All 3 Artefact books by Nigel Mills

All 3 Artefact books by Nigel Mills

Medieval Artefacts (inc. price guide) by Nigel Mills

Medieval Artefacts (inc. price guide) by Nigel Mills
Medieval Artefacts - This indispensable reference book by Nigel Mills spans the period 1066-1500. It contains over 300 beautiful illustrations, all in colour, in 116 pages. The illustrations and descriptions will help you identify your finds and every item is priced in fine and very fine condition.

The contents cover a wide spectrum of everyday objects including buckles, brooches, rings pilgrim badges, spoons, daggers, thimbles, weights, arrowheads, spurs, purses, seal matrices and heraldic pendants together with more unnusual items such as enamelled plaques from Limoges crucifixes.

Celtic & Roman Artefacts (inc. price guide) by Nigel Mills

Celtic & Roman Artefacts (inc. price guide) by Nigel Mills
From the author of Medieval Artefacts, this exciting new title is produced in full colour with over 450 Celtic and Roman artefacts beautifully illustrated in over 140 pages.

This superb book contains a wide cross-section of artefacts of the Celtic & Roman period including: - Bronze & Iron Age Artefacts - Fibula Brooches - Plate, Crossbow & Early Saxon Brooches - Buckles & Military Equipment - Locks, Keys & Knife Handles - Spoons, Cosmetic Grinders, Medical Implements & Seal Boxes - Jewellery - Cube Matrices, Lead Seals and Gaming Pieces - Pottery & Bronze Utensils - Steelyard Weights & Bronze Mounts - Figurines & Votive Objects - Genealogical Chart of Roman Gods - Select Bibliography.

Full price guide for every item in two grades of condition - Invaluable reference work

Saxon and Viking Artefacts (inc. price guide) by Nigel Mills

Saxon and Viking Artefacts (inc. price guide) by Nigel MillsThis exciting new book covers the period following on from Celtic & Roman Artefacts.

Together with "Celtic & Roman Artefacts" and "Medieval Artefacts" (also by Nigel Mills) - completes the historical series covering detector finds right from the Bronze Age to Tudor times. Illustrated in full colour and with over 250 superb photographs of individual objects, it encompasses the full spectrum of everyday items in use in Anglo-Saxon England in chronological sequence. The selection of illustrations has been built up over a period of 15 years from various collections.

The objects covered include: buckles, strap ends, pins, cruciform brooches, disc brooches, animal brooches, jewellery, beads, stirrup mounts, wrist clasps, dress hooks, keys, knives, tweezers, weights, gaming counters, and weapons. There is also a Norse mythology genealogical chart of the gods. Each item is individually valued in two states of preservation, Fine and Very Fine, and there are additional notes and advice for collectors.

The book is an invaluable reference work for metal detectorists, collectors, dealers, museums, and archaeologists.

Price guide for every item in two grades of condition.



Buttons & Fasteners

Buttons & Fasteners 500 BC-AD 1840 by Gordon Bailey

Buttons & Fasteners 500 BC-AD 1840 by Gordon Bailey
Buttons are now part of our daily lives, but few people realise they have a history stretching back over 2,500 years with buttons being used in the late Bronze Age and the Celts using bronze cloak toggles even before the Roman Invasion of Britain in AD 43.
Containing over 1,000 high quality colour photographs, this book allows the identification and dating of metal buttons through many periods of history. Many of the buttons covered are excavated examples, and quite a number are rare and previously unrecorded varieties.



Buckles 1250-1800

Buckles 1250 - 1800 (inc. price guide) by Ross Whitehead

Buckles 1250 - 1800 (inc. price guide) by Ross Whitehead
With over 800 illustrations this book is intended to help with the identification of buckles which are by far the largest category of medieval and post medieval dress accessory to survive. The author has sought to obtain a balance between common and rare, plain and decorated buckles. Each chapter covers the development of a particular group of buckles based on the shape of the frame. The chapters are: Buckle Manufacture, Single Looped Buckles;
1250-1650, Buckles with Integral Plates;
1250-1500, Clasp Fasteners;
1300-1500, Annular Buckles;
1350-1720, Spectacle Buckles;
1350-1720, Rectangular & Trapezoidal Buckles;
1350-1700, Asymmetrical Buckles;
1350-1700, Two Piece Buckles;
1660-1800, Buckles as Jewellery.


Roman Buckles and Military Fittings

Roman Buckles & Military Fittings

Roman Buckles & Military Fittings 
The history of Britain is intimately tied up with the Roman army which for almost 400 years kept most of this island Roman. Much of the story of the soldiers who lived, fought and died for Rome here, can today only be reconstructed from the remnants of the kit they wore.

Over the centuries that the Roman army occupied Britain, its soldiers used a bewildering variety of fittings. Many of them are not easily recognisable to the modern eye, particularly when in fragmentary state. Too many important items are lying discarded in detectorists' junk boxes, because they are simply not being recognised for what they are. That small piece of twisted copper alloy could, in reality, be a Roman military fitting with a fascinating story to tell.

In this book, Laycock and Appels set out to document and identify many of the items of Roman military kit encountered today by detectorists and archaeologists and set them in their historical and military context. Late Roman buckles, and their British derivatives, for instance, give a unique insight into the last decades of Roman rule in the country and ultimately may hold the secret to the collapse of Roman Britain. Did Roman power start to collapse 40 years before the end? Was the population of Britain armed in the late 4th century? Did the British tribes re-assert their authority and raise militias for renewed inter-tribal conflict? The next buckle or fitting uncovered could help answer these questions and many more about the history of Roman Britain. But they'll only provide answers if they can be correctly identified.

Instead of just line drawings, this text is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full colour photographs of surviving Roman military kit, most of them never before published. Some of these items are unique. Many of them are rare. This is a resource for detectorists, archaeologists, museum staff, collectors and re-enactors alike, and will be of interest also to many with a more general interest in the Roman military.

Contents include: Early Empire Buckles -Dolphin Buckles - Dragon Buckles - Bird Buckles - Horse head buckles - Lion Buckles - Strap ends - Belt stiffeners - Belt Plates - Helmet Fittings - Sword and Dagger Fittings - Armour Fittings - Shield Fittings - Apron Fittings - Horse harness Fittings - Roman military glossary - Bibliography


































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