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The standards of treasure hunting will change with DRS GROUND EXPER. It is the " metal detector " of the year in Europe and all over the world with perfect depth, perfect metal discrimination, unique graphic properties, Windows 7 operating system, multy touch 1.6Ghz tablet PC, battery system running without interruption for 20 hours, solar battery system designed specifically for terrain, PI system, three separate search tips and unique accessories.



So far, the greatest problem for treasure hunters has been the worthless metals on the terrain. Cola cans, food cans, rusty nails, soda caps, horse shoes and rusty large pieces of metal are the nightmares of treasure hunters in the terrain. The sole metal detector system which can identify the entirety of these metals as worthless metal is DRS GROUND EXPER. If your detector too identifies these metals as precious or gold, you should not lose any time to visit one of our showrooms.


Your adventures are becoming meaningful. Five different preset options. Gold, Precious, High Quality Precious, Ferrous and All Metals. Thanks to the perfect metal distinction feature, stop spending time, money and effort. It is in the tip of your fingers to say yes or no according to your needs. The age of digging for worthless objects, worthless metal waste is over. No more wasting your valuable time.



The graphic processing system which no detector has. The underground images of the target, you will not believe your eyes. You will know what you are going to find for before you start digging.

Pros Easy to use. Start and go.

Does not require ground adjustment. Is not affected by soil and mineral structures. It is ideal for beginners. You start your detector and go to search. No ground adjustments.




Five different metal discrimination function. Introduce the metal you desire. Search for introduced metals. For the first time in the world, metal introduction becomes real. Now, it is in your hands to search or not h the kind of metals you like to find. Touch your dreams.


Adjustable, Static and Mineral Elimination Get rid of environmental electromagnetic pollution or noise with one button. Detect any target missed by other detectors easily on mineral soils.

Advanced depth. Explore deeper. Find money, jewelry and treasures in much deeper ground. Deep Pulse induction system .

Ergonomic shaft The detector’s length can be adjusted for comfortable detecting for all the family. Light, practical, effective.



Tablet PC , PC and Windows 7 operating system supplied with your system as standard, the Internet, Skype, WiFi end everything you expect from your computer are at the tip of your fingers. You will get to the result directly without needing any other computer or going through the problem of transferring data. You may manage all functions touchmatically thanks to the user-friendly control panel.

Graphics Processing The graphics processing system which no detector has.The graphic processing system which no detector has. The underground images of the target, you will not believe your eyes. You will know what you are digging for before you start digging. DRS GROUND EXPER users are always one step ahead in technology. Everything to take you to your target and more. Come on, start.


Three different exploration tips.You have options in addition to three standard different exploration antennas. To pick the depth is up to you. If you wish, you can demand 2X2mt 3X3mt exploration antennas. Waterproofed Coils.








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