Minelab    E - TRAC


Die neueste Wunderwaffe aus dem Hause Minelab setzt einen

neuen Meilenstein in der Geschichte der Metalldetektorentechnologie.


Der neue Minelab E-TRAC ist wahrscheinlich der am besten entwickelste Detektor der Welt.

Mit der neuen FBS Technologie und seinem innovativen Design, dem LCD Bildschirm und seiner

Leichtgewichtigkeit verkörpert der E-TRAC all das, was das Sucherherz begehrt.

Minelab gelang ein weiterer bahnbrechender Schritt in Sachen Detektortechnologie. Mit dem neuen

USB Interface (Schnittstelle) und der integrierten Software zum Programmieren für Zuhause über

Laptop oder PC. Der E-TRAC lokalisiert wertvolle Objekte in einer Vielzahl von mineralisierten

Bodenarten genauso, wie auf extremen Salz-, Meeres- oder hochmagnetischen Böden.

Wenn sie den E-TRAC benutzen, dann werden sie mit Sicherheit einer der erfolgreichen

Detektoristen, welche ihre Leidenschaft und ihre Liebe zu diesem Outdoor-Hobby mit der

Entdeckung von wertvollen Münzen, Artefakten, Juwelen und Gold verbinden können.




E-TRAC Xchange

Dieses Programm erlaubt das hoch- und runterladen von Sucheinstellungen und Diskriminations-

mustern über ein USB-Kabel auf ihren Computer. Diese fortschrittliche Technik ist dazu entworfen

worden, um den E-TRAC für die einzelnen Sucheigenschaften, Bodenbedingungen und Metallarten

optimal zu konfigurieren. Mit diesem Programm können sie ihre Erfahrungen und Einstellungen

jederzeit mit anderen Suchern teilen. Die Installations-CD und die Bedienungsanleitung sind im

Lieferumfang enthalten und das Programm kann sofort gestartet werden. Mit Hilfe dieser Software

können sie ihre Sucherfolge und Einstellungen tagebuchartig festhalten und jederzeit wieder abrufen.

Es gibt unendliche Speichermöglichkeiten und sie brauchen sich niemals mehr darüber Sorgen zu

machen, dass ihre wertvollen Einstellungen verloren gehen.



E-TRAC Technologie

  • größtmögliche Suchtiefe

  • höchste Empfindlichkeit auf verschiedene Metallarten

  • wenige Störungen durch elektromagnetische Interferenzen

  • absolute Genauigkeit beim Identifizieren der einzelnen Metalldetektoren








MINELAB is proud to announce the New

….our most technologically advanced detector yet!

E-TRAC has been designed to be innovative and intuitive and combined with Minelab’s multi-frequency FBS technology, we have a new product that sets a new benchmark for the industry.

Features include:

·       E-Trac Xchange USB functionality – create, download and upload your E-Trac Settings and Discrimination Patterns for Users favourite sites; save to a PC and create a library of favourite sites or XChange them with others by email

·       Ultra-lightweight waterproof 11” Double D Waterproof Coil, versatile with sharp, accurate pinpointing and depth!

·       QuickMask TM with independent Ferrous and Conductivity rejection level adjust – a fast and simple way to edit Patterns

·       SmartfindTM Minelab's proven unique discrimination dual coordinate target profiling
·       Discrimination Scale with radical realignment improves the target ID and recovery rate of good targets at depth

·       Sensitivity functionality with expanded Auto, Manual and “Suggested” settings
·       Refined Threshold adjustment level on a 1-50 scale – greater precision to suit User requirements
·       Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators on 2 modes makes target size and identification more accurate than ever

·       Four pre-programmed Minelab User Modes with specific Settings and Patterns suited to Coins; High Trash; Beach and Relics.

·       Four User Mode slots – personalise Modes to suit specific detecting target preferences and environment.
Ground Setting options of Neutral and Difficult - adapt easily to benign or the most challenging operating conditions with these settings.

·       Trash Density - High ensures fewer false signals experienced in high trash environments, Low is perfect for cleaner sites. 

·       User-centered Keypad and Menu Interface Design – enhanced usability with intuitive icons and logical menu sequences that are fast and so easy to use!

·       Clear resolution Visual Display Panel 72mm x 48mm – designed for optimum visibility in all light conditions
Ergonomic, perfectly balanced Handle Assembly – designed to ensure longer periods of detecting without fatique!

·       Additional Expert Features and Preferences allow E-Trac customisation to suit User needs.
·       …and more!!  Features and functionality information can be seen on the Product Brochure and Review attached.


What our Field Testers are saying:

UK: “First impression... Wow! Where do I start? Two search patterns (Quick Mask), larger viewable screen and a lighter overall feel are going to be real winners. The choice of tones selection modes is a welcome addition. And I like the extra control I now have to adjust the way the detector performs on bad ground (using the 'Trash Density' and 'Ground' controls).”

“..I dug a lot of very deep signals….and found a Roman silver siliquae and Charles I hammered half crown at exceptional depths.”


“Coin mode….This is a very good starter program for first time users of the E-Trac. In fact….a good program for experienced users to use as well. On a pasture yesterday, I switched from my custom program to ‘Coin mode’ and immediately dug two Roman coins at over 10” depth!”

“Relic mode Damn this is a good program! This is also the perfect base ‘Pro’ setting, the starting point for all really advanced programs. All I needed to do to customise the E-Trac to my style of detecting was to change ‘Sounds’ from ‘Ferrous’ to ‘Conduct’ and then add my own custom disc pattern.

In this mode...on a British 5p coin it gave a positive signal response at 12”.”

“Although I never used auto sensitivity on the SE, I’m impressed with the way this works on the E-TRAC, a great improvement!

·       The recovery rate is noticeably faster. I am really looking forward for the crops to come off so I can get this on my best fields.

·       I like the louder clearer signals to small target... I tested a cut quarter next to iron rejecting just 'nails' and the response was identifiable!

·       This evening I've been detecting on a site where the soil is more mineralised. In fact the performance of the E-TRAC was bloomin’ fantastic!!! It banged out loud clear signals on finds ... and the signal quality was a lot better on the deep small native targets with the E-TRAC (sharper and clearer audio responses)... some of the trickier SE signals just wouldn't have been dug if the E-TRAC hadn't already given positive signal on them.

·       This is a great machine and it's going to earn me a lot of money! Well-done!”


USA:    “The last target I dug was a quarter at 16”— excellent performance!  I had a really good time with it today.”

    “Trash density: When set to high the machine not only quieted down noticeably but I was able to recover coins at up to 8” with aluminum trash in the hole right above the target.  Amazing, guys, and a job well done on this feature.”


USA:    “Sensitivity:  The E-Trac hits harder and provides a more consistent signal on deeper targets or those masked by nearby trash. The ergonomics & balance is clearly significantly better.  The menu structure is significantly better.”

    “Trash density:  One target I picked up at the fairgrounds was a solid 12/13-45/46.  I cut a plug and saw a rusted Bic cigarette lighter about two inches down in the plug.  As I looked at the bottom of the hole, there was a clad dime – not a great find but it demonstrated the “see-thru” capabilities.”




Additional Information can be obtained from:

·       the attached product brochure ….AVAILABLE NOW – a quantity will be supplied with your first E-TRAC shipment;
·       a CD containing the E-TRAC Product Brochure artwork, Photos (studio/outdoor), Instruction Manual, Field Guide; Xchange User Guide, Product Review supplied with your first E-TRAC shipment;

·       the attached Product Review giving you the initial insight into this machines capabilities (also included on CD);

·       our website www.minelab.com (from the 29th August, 2008) Note: Sample download patterns will be available so Users can test the Xchange feature.

·       MLOTV.COM  featuring introductory film segments displaying the E-TRAC features and performance capabilities.

·       Minelab directly………just ask us and we will be pleased to assist!














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